Chained Girls (1965)

Chained Girls (1965) movie poster

director Joseph P. Mawra
viewed: 07/08/2017

Let me tell you, you could queer theory the hell out of Chained Girls. It’s almost a thesis project in itself, just packed with not just stereotypes of the day but leering while offering social commentary on the ways of lesbians in the world.

In the right company, this could be a laugh-riot. In other company, it’s about as offensive as you can imagine. For my money, it’s better to laugh than to cry.

This tidbit comes from Joseph P. Mawra, who (as the site will tell you) also made White Slaves of Chinatown and Olga’s House of Shame (both 1964). As well from producer George Weiss, producer of Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda (1953) among many other Exploitation titles.

An amazing artifact, in its own way.

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