Devil Times Five (1975)

Devil Times Five (1975) movie poster

directors  Sean MacGregor, David Sheldon
viewed: 07/09/2017

Devil Times Five is certainly the best of the names that this “killer kids” movie has sported. Also known as Tantrums, The Horrible House on the Hill, and most interestingly Peopletoys, the film bears some really bad elements (an elongated slo-mo murder sequence, a distinct lack of gore) and some really amazingly decent parts (the piranha bathtub death scene, the ruthlessness of the kids).

Yes, that is a young Leif Garrett (I guess I was really unaware of his acting career). And that is his sister Dawn Lyn (best known to me as Dodie Douglas from TV’s My Three Sons). And that is their mother, Carolyn Stellar, quite a looker who does two topless scenes, including the aforementioned piranha bathtub death scene). And yes again, that is Sorrell Booke who would go on to greatest fame as TV’s Boss Hogg of The Dukes of Hazard.

The kids are largely quite creepy. Leif Garrett’s character is a total sociopath who also like to cross-dress. Dawn Lyn gets the least screen time but is pretty good in the scenes with the piranhas. And the one who inexplicably dresses as a nun is pretty weird too.

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