Blood Sabbath (1972)

Blood Sabbath (1972) movie poster

Director Brianne Murphy
viewed: 07/21/2017

As noted elsewhere, Blood Sabbath is about a Vietnam vet who falls for a water nymph and sells his soul to a witch.

It has a little post-Manson vibe. Those hippie witches are sex-crazed and blood-thirsty. But it’s also somewhat romantic and tragic.

What’s most interesting is the director herself, Brianne Murphy, the first female cinematographer in Hollywood. She sounds like she led a pretty amazing life, born in the UK, then came to America and worked the rodeo and circus circuits before finding herself in Hollywood. She married schlockster Jerry Warren and worked on a bunch of films in various roles: director, producer, actress, editor, production assistant, script girl/supervisor. She went on into television and became best known for her breaking the glass ceiling in the cinematographer union.

Blood Sabbath may be no masterpiece, but I’m sure it’s better than anything Jerry Warren ever made.

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