Dream No Evil (1970)

Dream No Evil (1970) movie poster

director John Hayes
viewed: 07/30/2017

Not exactly all over the place, Dream No Evil doesn’t exactly stay in one place either.

The stunning redhead Brooke Mills stars as the adult version of an orphaned girl who never gave up thinking her father would come back for her. Adopted into a family who runs a touring church, for whom she does nightly high-dives, she scours the country for an old man that could be her old man. And when she has a traumatic encounter with a pimp for the elderly, she drops off into a fantasy world.

Edmond O’Brien shows up as her long-lost Pa, though whether he’s real or not, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

While it’s mostly sort of lackluster, it’s also kind of compelling. Kind of.

A few shades of Psycho or Repulsion on a budget.

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