Kuso (2017)

Kuso (2017) movie poster

director Steven Ellison
viewed: 08/01/2017

Comic psychedelic gross-out horror, Kuso is a somewhat unique entity.

I’ve seen comments comparing its style of humor, design, and aesthetics to some things on adult swim, and I can see that. It seems apt that George Clinton makes an appearance because there are perhaps antecedents to this surreal humor, comedy and craziness in the weirder ranges of popular culture.

The vignette-narratives are divided sometimes with broadcast snow which reckons a bit of Robot Chicken (or others) but doesn’t make as much contextual sense.

Some of the ideas and aesthetics are better than others. I’m not sure how intentional some of the cheesier CGI was.

Still, it’s not an uninteresting document.

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