Brain of Blood (1971)

Brain of Blood (1971) movie poster

director Al Adamson
viewed: 08/07/2017

Al Adamson’s cinematic output is actually widely variant in qualities and constructs. One thing that they don’t vary in is that they are all sublimely BAD.

Levels of badness do vary though.

Brain of Blood is by some measures a more cohesive picture, one that Adamson shot in one go and doesn’t re-use a bunch of old elements. Production values look vaguely higher. But don’t worry, it’s bizarre and bad.

There’s quite a bit more gore in the way of a brain transplant, the movie’s raison d’être, is titular element.

Some mad scientists have a bit more intelligence and capability than others. With a surgical assistant (Angelo Rossitto) who can’t see over the edge of the operating table, you’ve got to imagine that staffing isn’t one of his strong points either. He’s not to worried about the quality of the bodies he’s willing to work with either.

It’s junk. I like it.

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