Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986)

Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986)

director Ray Dennis Steckler
viewed: 08/23/2017

You make a dozen or so films, one would assume that you learned a thing or two. Maybe so if your name isn’t Ray Dennis Steckler.

The Las Vegas Serial Killer comes from the end of Steckler’s primary run of movie-making, a little past the porn and a would-be return to drive-in fare. In fact, it’s a semi sequel to The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher (1979) as Jonathan K(C)lick, the stranger(?) of that picture (I suppose I should have watched that one first).

Out on parole early, he’s right back at it, but this time in Las Vegas.

There is a perversity to the killings that offer a sense of real sleaze, but the story is quite confusing as it features these other two guys also sleazeballing Las Vegas and robbing people. What these two storylines have to do with one another would be speculation on my part.

This is the second Steckler movie to feature random footage of a rodeo as somewhat non-sequitur padding. One of several to feature a burlesque show and the first of his I’ve seen to feature any amount of nudity.

But it’s doubtlessly Steckler.

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