Poor Pretty Eddie (1975)

Poor Pretty Eddie (1975) movie poster

director Richard Robinson
viewed: 08/30/2017

Soutern Gothic sleazeball session extraordinare. Maybe it’s not so surprising (actually it is) that Poor Pretty Eddie was produced in Georgia by its native porn industry money and talent (according to sources). Actually that whole production and various release backstory is pretty crazy any which way you read it.

It’s extremely well-cast for such a production. Shelley Winters is tops as the sodden matriarch of this backwoods scene. A scene in which young black singer Liz Wetherly (Leslie Uggams) finds herself accidentally but unsurprisingly trapped. Michael Christian is Winters hick wannabe Elvis boytoy (and titular “Poor Pretty Eddie”) who takes a liking to Uggams. The Addams Family‘s Ted Cassidy is the only one with a whit of decency.

It’s comic and horror and hicksploitation. I guess you can see how they re-cut it to market it in a variety of ways. These folks aren’t as inbred as them in Deliverance (1972) but they are rapey.

Like a fine wine, you could probably pair this film with any number of others. From my recent viewing, I’d pair it with Ruby (1977) but that’s just me.

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