Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964)

Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964) movie poster

director Jerry Warren
viewed: 09/04/2017

I like how the Wikipedia author refer to Jerry Warren as “occasional film maker”.

I think it better to call Jerry Warren the author of the most boring bad cult films of all time. Like really, really, really boring.

I doubt that he was the originator of the idea of buying up foreign films (in this case two Mexican films, La Casa del Terror (1959) and La Momia Azteca (1957) and Frankensteining them into something new. But he truly does that here. La Momia Azteca was the source material for his also 1964 Attack of the Mayan Mummy which itself contributes to Curse of the Screaming Werewolf.

The best parts of Curse of the Screaming Werewolf are Lon Chaney, Jr. and the footage from La Casa del Terror. I’ve really enjoyed the Mexican horror films that I’ve managed to see and eagerly wish to see more.

But it is also true that eschewing dialogue through much of this “montage”, if you will, Warren does indeed stumble into some near Surrealist territory. There is so much dissociation and lack of concern for narrative coherence, it does sort of delve into a fantasy of mind.

Or maybe I drifted off somewhere.

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