The Game (1984)

The Game (1984) VHS cover

director  Bill Rebane
viewed: 09/02/2017

Outside of Monster a Go-Go (1965), I’d never seen a Bill Rebane picture before. And as far as Monster a Go-Go  a go-goes, truly he can’t take all the blame. A goodly portion perhaps but not all the blame.

And then we have The Game (a.k.a. The Cold(?)) Rebane concocts a House on Haunted Hill (1959)-ish story, where a trio of millionaires draw a group of people to “dare” to stay in a resort for a long weekend, the last one standing gets a million bucks.

Only it’s never clear to the players exactly what is going on, whether they are being pranked or killed or spooked or whatever. And with budgets like this one, the cast of characters are your weekend actors most.

It’s bad, yes, but vaguely fun. Its weirdest component is the Ragtime score, which I assume was employed because it was in the public domain(?) Ragtime is great and all but not the least bit eerie.

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