American Mummy (2014)

American Mummy (2014) movie poster

director Charles Pinion
viewed: 09/09/2017

Full disclosure: I am friends with Charles Pinion, have known him for decades.

American Mummy (originally titled more aptly “Aztec Blood” before naming rights issues developed) is Pinion’s first feature film in two decades. And a lot of things are different from his earlier work. American Mummy comes from a time and place of more money, more professional production (it was shot in 3-D), slicker digital camera work, and a more “professional” cast. None of these upgrades by any means change the fact that this is a low-budget, independently produced horror film, but it’s less down and dirty than his work in the prior century.

A team from a university are on site in New Mexico where the mummified remains of an Aztec “god”? have been found. Unfortunately for all involved, one of the hangers-on wants to perform a blood rite to raise the spirit of the powerful dead which results in lots of blood and vomit and dismemberment for all involved.

The gore effects seem to be largely practical and make for some of the best shots in the film.

It’s a more conventional horror film for Charles (by comparison) but still carries through his mordant and morbid sense of humor. It really seems he’s enjoying himself a lot more once the blood starts flowing freely, as probably would the audience.

I hope that American Mummy is the first of many films Charles Pinion will make in this century.

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  1. Hey, thanks Ken! Just did my bi-monthly internet search (DuckDuckGo, not google) for reviews of the movie and found this.

    A note: It actually started as AMERICAN MUMMY way back in 2004 when it was envisioned as a more run-and-gun shot on video movie. After it premiered in Australia and Mexico as AMERICAN MUMMY in 2014, some distributor said that “American” was poison in the international box office. At that time, AMERICAN SNIPER had just come out and I, myself, was sick of “American” as a modifier. When our movie finally got picked up by Summerhill/Wild Eye, its original title was restored. (The recent 3D and 2D screenings in NYC still had the AZTEC BLOOD titles.)

    Anyway, I share your hope that I make more movies in this century! 😀

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