Dark Future (1994)

Dark Future (1994) DVD cover

director Greydon Clark
viewed: 09/13/2017

Dark Future starts bad, quite hilariously bad, stays pretty bad, and then somewhere takes a turn and gets a little better. I don’t know that it actually achieves “good” or quality by the end, but it decent’s itself up enough to not be merely and completely derided.

Of all its many shortcomings the fight sequences are remarkably crap. Director/co-writer Greydon Clark is clearly working without a budget (it might be the first film I’ve seen in which a medium-sized plasma ball is the film’s most high-tech element).

This is a world where humans have been decimated by disease and are trapped underground by cyborgs who use them for pleasure(?). They rise up and rebel finally, or at least one guy does. Humans are wonderfully apathetic save Kendall (Darby Hinton), the mustachioed one.

Somewhere towards the ending with the weird multimedia propaganda/indoctrination videos that the cyborgs are fed that I somehow warmed to this often ridiculous sci-fi yarn. A yarn from which you should definitely not pull any threads for fear of loosing its whackadoo plot holes and notice its goofy dialogue.

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