Video Vixens (1975)

Video Vixens (1975) movie poster

director Henri Pachard
viewed: 09/23/2017

Video Vixens features a premise in which a television executive decides to air an X-rated Oscars on his failing network (most of the film is then elements of this awards show and commercials and clips from the “movies”.) Interestingly, he’s inspired by something very Infowars: he claims that something in soap is turning America gay – (chlorapheme?), so broadcasting good ol’ heterosexual sex will set America straight.

You can readily imagine how all over the place this decidedly un-PC movie is. It is to its credit, an artifact of its time, when sex humor was unfiltered and occasionally amusing.

I think I heard the line: “I used to be able to remember the names of all types of nipples” at one point.

My notes included: Trump, homophobia, and Tex Avery, though as not a very good note-taker, I can’t say why exactly.

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