Roadgames (1981)

Roadgames (1981) movie poster

director  Richard Franklin
viewed: 09/27/2017

Roadgames is a thriller on the road, the Australian highway system to be exact.  It’s stylish, almost DaPalma-esque (minus split-screens), though more accurately it  name-checks Hitchcock in various ways.

Stacy Keach stars as the chatty (mostly to himself and his pet dingo) trucker, an intellectual of sorts who has taken to the road, hauling meat during a strike. He eventually picks up Jamie Lee Curtis, a child of means dodging her family. They both wind up on the trail of a possible serial killer, also on the highway, dodging in and out.

It’s a plucky affair, a very likable film which lurches towards comedy even at times of the highest intensity. Probably the most polished movie I’ve watched in a while. I guess I’ve been slumming it a lot.

The single best scene takes place in the interior of a roadhouse, a nice 360 shot while Keach tries to dial the cops about his suspicions. As the camera slowly gazes around the room, it takes in a Playboy pinball machine, your typical Outback rednecks, and vivid murals of colonials killing aborigines.

Really good stuff.






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