Great White (1981)

Great White (1981) movie poster

director Enzo G. Castellari
viewed: 10/09/2017

I was in middle school when Great White (a.k.a. The Last Shark) hit the Floridian movie screens. Me and my one friend at the time were possibly the only tweens totally stoked to see it. I remember the inflatable sharks they had, emblazoned with Great White.

That said, it’s not my recollection that I actually wound up seeing it.

This meta-dialogue probably tells you a lot about Enzo G. Castellari’s approach to film-making:

“Damn you can hardly make the shark out.”
“Use a little stock. No one will know the difference.”

Yes to what everyone has pointed out about this film, Vic Morrow’s “Quint” and his fractured accent. Yes, it’s more than derivative of Jaws. But, compared to Tentacles (1978), another Italian Jaws knock-off, it’s actually pretty entertaining. And I kind of like the big cresting shark head.

It was also fun flashing back on some of that vintage swimgear: Ocean Pacific, SunDek, Hobie. God, those were lame times.


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