The Cat Creature (1973)

The Cat Creature (1973) title

director Curtis Harrington
viewed: 10/21/2017

The 1973 made-for-TV movie, The Cat Creature won’t necessarily blow your mind, but it should entertain you. From the pen of Robert Bloch and the direction of Curtis Harrington comes this mummy-cum-vampire-cum-werewolf wholly made-up monster creature.

It’s actually kind of cute how this all starts out, with an auditor/attorney looking into the Egyptian artifacts of a wealthy collector in dark of night. Only a sneakthief steals an amulet and awakens The Cat Creature itself. Most of the happenings are just off-screen (this is 1970’s television, after all).

The fun, in my opinion, is in the cast and cast of characters that populate this flick. Meredith Baxter is fine as the lead, but I really enjoyed Gale Sondergaard, who plays the witch store matron. Apparently, Harrington wanted her to be a lesbian, which might explain a rather interesting pair of customers in her shop. In real life Sondergaard was an Academy Award winning actress whose career fell prey to the HUAC anti-communist bastards.

John Carradine shows up for a cameo, maybe the most notable name from the cameo crowd, but far from the only one of interest. Milton Parsons is amusing as the coroner. And a midget prostitute (unnamed actress) was apparently Harrington’s revenge on not getting a more pronounced lesbian portrayal.

Yeah, it’s no great shakes, but it’s decent fun.

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