Night Feeders (2006)

Night Feeders (2006) movie poster

director Jet Eller
viewed: 10/23/2017

Night Feeders is kind of a low budget backwoods Pitch Black (2000) in which a group of photophobic aliens torment a bunch of deer hunters. It’s 2006. In North Carolina. Only one dude has a cellphone.

Really, it’s not an entirely bad enterprise.

Its real failing winds up being the digital FX, on which I am guessing the whole thing was predicated. Those bits and bytes are only a notch or two up from the work in Birdemic (others aptly compare the stuff to Playstation 1.) Frankly, it would have been a lot more charming without the digital FX at all and more limited practical effects.

I say this very specifically for this movie, though Christ, I could say it about virtually all movies made in this century.

“Hey you don’t know. This perfume could have saved my life!”

Still, hats off to regional horror on the cheap in any era.

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