The Suckling (1990)

The Suckling (1990)

director Francis Teri
viewed: 11/08/2017

“You’ve got your wish, penis-brain. You’re locked in a whorehouse for life.”

The Suckling is amazeballs, a word I do not use lightly.  It’s a Henenlotter-esque sleazy monster-fest with tons of cool and campy practical creature effects. And, yes, this is the aborted fetus down the toilet into the toxic waste sewer revenge movie you never knew how much you needed. I loved that fetus!

I am fully willing to believe that this gloriously tasteless junk culture wonder has been appropriated in some anti-abortion tribe as a realistic scare film.

Though it sags in the middle, much like a weaponized umbilicus, it comes lashing back. Total respect to director Francis Teri and everyone else on the picture. When you’ve got a low budget but fuck it you’ve got ambition, don’t let the bastards hold you back.

And yes, it’s the touches like the repurposed coathanger, first abortion tool then garment holder, that prove this movie’s hilarious, nasty comic soul.

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