Fateful Findings (2012)

Fateful Findings (2012) movie poster

director Neil Breen
viewed: 11/10/2017

Color me initiated into the world Neil Breen.

Fateful Findings is a indeed a new Best-Worst Movie at a time when Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (2003) is getting a bio pic released. And Neil Breen is the fused offspring of Bob Odenkirk and Gary Shandling auteur-star to give us hope that truly sincere and amazing bad movies can continue to be made.

How many laptops were killed to make this movie?

Am I the only one to sense Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain in this?

I’m a little reticent to take my pot-shots at it. It’s sublime and bizarre, incoherent and goofy, with a soundtrack that will haunt your dreams.

As epic as it is in its badness, I can’t help but crave to see other Neil Breen films. To be honest, I never felt this way about Tommy Wiseau.

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