Galaxina (1980)

Galaxina (1980) movie poster

director William Sachs
viewed: 11/22/2017

Opening with a Star Wars scroll, followed by a Star Trek log entry voiceover, 1980’s Galaxina riffs on existing science fiction tropes. Not exactly parody, it is comedy, comedy painfully executed. Comedy as deft as a rotted corpse.

“In space, nobody can hear your siren.”

Sloppy and dull with occasional bursts of charm, namely in the cantina-like whorehouse and the cantina-like human restaurant.

So short on ideas they even crib alternate color scheming planet right out of Al Adamson.

I do wonder if Mel Brooks ever saw Galaxina.

Great poster though.

Not the greatest legacy for poor Dorothy Stratton, murdered by her pathetic, cruel husband.

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