Satan War (1979)

Satan War (1979) VHS cover

director  Bartell LaRue
viewed: 12/31/2017

They don’t get more psychotronic than this.

Who was Bartell LaRue? A native Texan who had a brief, but seemingly successful career in television from the mid-Sixties to the mid-Seventies as an actor and voice actor. Who then made a Biblical documentary The Ark of Noah (1975) and finally Demon War in 1979 before falling off the face of IMDb and apparently the face of the Earth.

But who was Bartell LaRue? What prompted him to make one of the strangest anti-Satan movies of all times? How did he get the satanic panic so early?

Satan War is mind-boggling. A remnant of American cultural Id. It’s not just a derivative Amityville Horror in gloopy darkness, bookended by an African American dance troupe performing faux satanic masses and dances. Did he think only black people could perform the black arts?

“Don’t laugh. I just blessed the whole house. Here. Say you’re prayers.”

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