Felidae (1994)

Felidae (1994) movie poster

director Michael Schaack
viewed: 01/03/2018

Wikipedia describes Felidae as “a 1994 German adult animated neo-noir crime horror film”. Francis the cat moves to a new neighborhood with his overweight but kindly owner only to find that someone is tearing out the throats of cast around the neighborhood. That seems noirish enough but as the story moves forward it heads into themes of vivisection, eugenics, and racially motivated genocide. And religious sect fanaticism. And the imagery gets dark, gory, and bleak.

Felidae is a most adult animation.

“Once there was a suffering dreamland… I was born there. It was a place of sorrow until the prophet came among us and brought us salvation.”

Filmed in classic 2-D cel animation, I wouldn’t consider the quality of the animation or character design to be that much above average. But as it is 2-D cel animation and the character designs aren’t worlds away from industry standards, it does “feel” familiar in style.

Also, interestingly, it was adapted from the first of a series of novels by German-Turkish writer Akif Pirinçci. I wonder where he took the series after this grim, dark original.

Felidae is a total anomaly. Really, quite the interesting movie.


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