The Witchmaker (1969)

The Witchmaker (1969) movie poster

director William O. Brown
viewed: 01/01/2018

Someone’s killing pretty young things in the bayou, hanging them from trees and draining them of blood. A team of researchers led by Alvy Moore (from Green Acres) drops in and gets marooned there for a long weekend. Only, as Alvy Moore seems to realize, there are more witches in heaven and earth than dreamed of in most philosophies. And some pretty active ones in the bayou.

“We have the formula for the flying ointment they rubbed over their bodies prior to a sabbath. It had enough hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs in it to make anyone think they were flying.”

The Witchmaker (a.k.a. The Legend of Witch Hollow) falls kind of in between decades in style and content, coming as it does in 1969. But it’s an earnest effort.

It’s kinda awesome when the villain Luther assembles his brood of baddies from across the globe for his coven.

If witches/devil worshipers just want to get loaded, fornicate, and trip balls, I say “Let ’em.”

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