Spaceman (1997)

Spaceman (1997) DVD cover

director Scott Dikkers
viewed: 01/29/2018

I first heard of Spaceman from Ira Brooker in his “Spaceman: The Onion Co-Founder’s Cult Classic That Never Was” on Crooked Marquee. Always hungering for the obscure in cinema, this was an oddity that must be seen.

Spaceman is indeed a strange film. Strange because its strangeness is such a different stripe than most. It’s a comedy about a guy who was abducted by aliens as a child and raised to be a devoted follower and master fighter, who finds himself back on Earth, working in a grocery store.

What’s most odd about it is that it’s low budget doesn’t show in the most obvious ways. It has polish in parts and awkwardness all over. I was struck that it’s the kind of script that probably could have gotten perked up in the hands of a more experienced Hollywood outing, made funnier perhaps. But ultimately Spaceman‘s charms lie in its weird DIY aesthetics, acting, editing, and everything.

Technically, it’s not quite like anything else I can think of.

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