Mars Needs Women (1967)


Mars Needs Women (1967) DVD cover

director  Larry Buchanan
viewed: 02/01/2018

Mars Needs Women is a very 1950’s sci fi concept for a 1967 movie. But if you’re schlockmeister Larry Buchanan, that’s kind of what you do: take 1950’s era concepts and shoot them cheap as hell for television release. Varying degrees of corn ensue.

“The exotic dancer is secured.”

And a top notch Charro-like exotic dancer she is. Beyond some other random ladies, TV’s own Batgirl, Yvonne Craig shows up as an astrophysicist, definitely the cream of the female crop selected by these goofy Martians. One of them even questions if she is a good test case for insemination.

Some movies have a hard time living up to their posters. Mars Needs Women has a hard time living up to its catchy, declarative name.

Still, one more off the old bucket list.

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