Blood Mania (1970)

Blood Mania (1970) movie poster

director Robert Vincent O’Neill
viewed: 02/04/2018

Great title animation and movie poster belie Blood Mania, which as many folks have noted, bears little blood nor mania. It is, however, not short on skin, and features a fairly threadbare potboiler plot drama about a doctor, his debts, his closet skeletons, and his women.

It features such prime slabs of dialogue such as “You are a bitch. Come here, bitch.”

Overall, it’s no great shakes. It rolls along and then bursts with camp dramz at the end.

Peter Carpenter stars as Dr. Craig Cooper. And though Carpenter is a lot more obscure and not inherently more interesting than the females of the cast, Carpenter died only a year after Blood Mania was released, under what was vaguely referred to as “mysterious circumstances” of a brain hemorrhage in Malibu, CA in 1971. He seems a prime mover of this film, co-writer and producer as well as lead. Wonder what happened to him.

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