Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Deep Blue Sea (1999) movie poster

director  Renny Harlin
viewed: 02/04/2018

Deep Blue Sea is the shark flick where the sharks become smarter than the script. They learn to swim backwards for starters and develop a flair for the dramatic with their vengeance.

Deep Blue Sea is also a movie whose silliness is so outsized that somehow it winds up being stupidly fun despite pretensions of action and excitement. It’s hard to say if Renny Harlin and crew embraced the ridiculous or just blindly achieved ridiculousness on their own.

Because, yes, that Samuel L. Jackson speech scene. Because, yes, Stellan Skarsgård on a gurney against improbable physics. Because, yes, the parrot. Because, yes, a lot of practical shark effects. Because, yes, those digital shark effects have aged poorly.

I’m willing to bet for all the shark movies that have come since 1999, that Deep Blue Sea may actually be the most entertaining, stupidly but entertaining, of the lot.

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