Flesh and Bullets (1985)

Flesh and Bullets (1985) movie poster

director Carlos Tobalina
viewed: 02/09/2018

How do you like your male machismo and misogyny? With a side of homophobia? Well, then, Flesh and Bullets may be just your cup of tea.

Carlos Tobalina’s one non-porn film isn’t drenched in deplorable traits, but it’s certainly seasoned with them. Two guys who hate their ex-wives meet up in a bar and decide to do that Strangers on a Train thing of killing off each other’s ex-spouse so they can get away with murder. Only in the end, they end up falling for each other’s ex and one of the most unlikely of movies comes to a close.

The homophobia is much weirder. What with one of the dudes recalling killing to gay wrestlers that raped him. And the final moment of the film, which made me laugh out loud, when the dudes embrace at becoming like family with adoptive children, a stranger on the street pipes in “Fags!”

Flesh and Bullets is indeed bizarre with its genuine slumming celebrity cameos in blink-or-you’ll-miss-it asides.

I thought it was weird that it culminated at Los Angeles’s Mayan Theater, but I guess that Tobalina owned it at the time.

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