The Video Dead (1987)

The Video Dead (1987) movie poster

director  Robert Scott
viewed: 02/10/2018

I quite enjoyed this.

Low-budget and direct-to-video in its day, The Video Dead today is a groovy and different slant on the zombie movie. These zombies come from an old television set, accidentally delivered to a home in good old Somewhere, USA. These zombies aren’t typical by general zombie movie standards and the television and the backstory of how this whole thing came into being,…well, it’s just as well that there is no explanation. It’s better that way.

It’s sort of the lack of explanation that winds up being evocative. Like the “Garbageman” and the sexy zombie girl he kills. I mean, how do you introduce the “Garbageman” and then never see him again? Where some might see plot holes, I felt intrigued by what wasn’t there.

The make-up and design of the creatures is really pretty awesome for such a low-budget affair. And I also liked how the dead have personalities, curiosity, and even senses of humor rather than just some endless longing for brains.

Fun stuff.

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