Blood Beach (1981)

Blood Beach (1981) movie poster

director Jeffrey Bloom
viewed: 02/11/2018

That poster. That tagline. Blood Beach promises so much.

Sadly, Blood Beach does not deliver on those promises too well. What it lacks in deliverables (i.e., monsters, gore, thrills…), it lacks in general.

Shot around Santa Monica and Venice Beach, the film coyly is set in generic Beach Town, California, where the beaches are so bitchin’ that people getting sucked under the sand right next to you isn’t enough to scare off the youth.

So, it’s a (very) modest horror thriller, featuring an artichoke monster that is only seen ever so briefly toward the end. The monster is so open-ended that it’s been compared to a Venus flytrap or a worm, despite it’s hunting strategy is that of an ant lion.

Still the poster rocks. Good marketing job, guys!

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