The Final Terror (1983)

The Final Terror (1983) movie poster

director Andrew Davis
viewed: 02/12/2018

Yeah, Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah, Joe Pantoliano, Akosua Busia, and Adrian Zmed are notable names in The Final Terror, but my first person of note was, “Hey, that’s the dad from the Twisted Sister video!” And sure enough Mark Metcalf it is. And though he’s had quite the career and been in lots of other stuff, I find him most recognizable from “We’re Not Going to Take It”.

Director Andrew Davis seemed maybe less intent on a slasher film and maybe more on a thriller. Because, though there are lots of elements of the former, the film plays out a lot more like the latter. And considering the career that Davis went on to, like The Fugitive (1993), this doesn’t seem too surprising. In fact, it kind of makes sense.

I guess I had the benefit of encountering the cleaned-up version of this film, because I wasn’t aware of muddy night shots but was rather impressed with the camerawork and cinematography. Davis really got the most out of the redwoods setting of this backwoods horrorshow. And he also got the benefit of some fine casting. I actually thought John Friedrich, who apparently quit acting after this film, was good too.

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