Nightbeast (1982)

Nightbeast (1982) VHS cover

director  Don Dohler
viewed: 02/19/2018

I enjoyed The Alien Factor so much, I jumped right in and watched Don Dohler’s Nightbeast!

Between The Alien Factor and 1982, Dohler sharpened his skills across the board. Nightbeast starts out with some nice visual effects of a spaceship coming from another planet and crashing on Earth. In Maryland. In the same cast of characters from The Alien Factor played by the same exact people.

Well, Don Leifert, the most interesting guy in The Alien Factor is this time a motorcycle thug named Drago. The sheriff (Tom Griffith with a supreme perm), the mayor, the doctor and the coroner are all the same folks. With a couple new young ladies thrown in.

Nightbeast, though, is full-on gore stuff, unlike the earlier film. And though there is only one beast in this film, he gets up to a lot of laserblasting and disembowelment and other good stuff. And also there is superfluous nudity (the new young ladies and Tom Griffith’s butt).

More than all the spice, the film has a much more action-packed pace. Dohler, as I mentioned, seemed to have learned a lot in the interim. Well, not enough to direct a super-awkward sex scene.

It’s kind of funny that the best actor, Leifert, gets a sort of not so interesting role, and that the dullest of the cast, Griffith, is essentially the star and hero.

Who am I kidding? The Nightbeast is the real star and all of the great practical effects and designs that Dohler pulled off.

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