The Alien Factor (1978)

The Alien Factor (1978) VHS cover

director  Don Dohler
viewed: 02/19/2018

Oh, man, the monsters! Awesome DIY monster aliens. Not just one but four!

Don Dohler’s first cinematic effort, The Alien Factor is totally elevated by his inventive creatures and effects.

An alien craft crashes in rural Maryland and sets loose three killer beasts. The sheriff and county coroner are in over their heads while the mayor tries to keep it all on the down-low so his big amusement park plan doesn’t get derailed.

Lucky for everyone, grouchy know-it-all, Ben Zachary (Don Leifert) shows up and not only can he somehow communicate with a dying alien, he’s got the tech and know-how to take down the critters.

The creatures are the total highlights, in particular the stilt monster and total points for a nicely crafted stop-motion beast, though oddly translucent.

Honestly, if I had seen this as a kid I would have loved it. Don Dohler clearly had a love for horror and science fiction and The Alien Factor transcends his otherwise local friend cast and first time DIY low-budget film creation.

Loved it and the great little twist at the end.

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