Revival of Evil (1980)

Revival of Evil (1980) screenshot

director Brian Barkley
viewed: 02/21/2018

“Disrobe and prepare to fill the font of ecstasy.”

Almost every line in Revival of Evil, this satanic panic exploitation documentary, is pure gold. The version I watched was oddly updated with more modern images of evil rock bands who didn’t exist when this film was made.

“You have good karma and bad karma. If you did something good in a prior life then this will come back to you in this life. If you did something evil then this will come back to you in this life. For instance, when the Romans were persecuting the Christians, when it came back in full the Romans were no were no longer Romans, they became Jewish and the Christians became the Germans and in that respect the Romans became persecuted in a brand new era for something they had done a long time ago.”

People are crazy. Crazy is timeless.

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