Help Me… I’m Possessed (1976)

Help Me... I'm Possessed (1976) title screen

director Charles Nizet
viewed: 03/10/2018

Help Me…I’m Possessed!

Help Me…I’m a pretty obscure semi-exploitation movie, as sleazy as I can be and still come in at a PG rating! Because I did get a PG rating.

Help Me…I’m a mad psychiatrist running a sanitarium out on the edge of a desert with incredibly enfeebled patients, a dungeon of men and women locked up and occasionally and randomly tortured or killed! I’m also trying to extract evil somehow from man.

Help Me…I’m the embodiment of evil, extracted from man, living in a hole in the bottom of a cave under the sanitarium, and even though a nice girl sometimes let’s me out at night to attack and murder people, you’ll never see more than my red flailing tentacles! Mostly because these scenes are shot from my perspective, in Lovecraftian horror vision!

Help Me…but nobody in the movie is possessed! It’s a low-budget, amateur production, hopelessly out of step, yet somehow vaguely reminiscent of Bloodsucking Freaks.

Help Me…I’ve worn out this gag.

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