Evils of the Night (1985)

Evils of the Night (1985) movie poster

director Mardi Rustam
viewed: 03/10/2018

Evils of the Night, director Mardi Rustam takes 1950s Z-movie concept and makes it in the mid-1980s with washed up (read: no longer prime time) celebrities and porn stars. What could go wrong?

Let me break it down for you: Julie Newmar (Me-oW!) and Tina Louise, both tall and still very attractive in their 50s, are aliens with campy outfits, along with John Carradine (also an alien) who’ve come to Earth to sap blood and try to find a cure for their dying race. John Carradine appears in a Ziggy Stardust outfit I hope they buried him in.

They’ve chosen this rather obscure college town during summer due to bad planning and are abducting the nubile and horny for their experiments. Well, the aliens have subcontracted Aldo Ray and Neville Brand, two greasy mechanics, to do their actual abducting, paying them off in gold coins.

Some of these nubiles include porn stars Amber Lynn and Jerry Butler, who seem not to have shot their scenes alongside any other cast members.

If you think this mixture of low-IQ, throwback science fiction, horror, and copious flesh seems like it wouldn’t jell into something consistent, you’d be correct. The movie seems to annoy folks quite a bit, but I found it amusing.

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