The Strangeness (1985)

The Strangeness (1985) movie poster

director Melanie Anne Phillips
viewed: 03/17/2018

“Do you want to die
Or is it the strangeness in me?”
– The Runabouts

The Strangeness was probably kind of dated when it was made in 1980. It was much more time out of joint at its video release in 1985.

It’s an amateur production, a lot of these people never made another movie. Director/co-writer Melanie Anne Phillips (then David Michael Hillman) reportedly had most of the cavern sets built in her grandparents’ garage. The sets and production design and the camerawork are all quite well-done. And then you’ve got the monster, a stop-motion tentacled vagina thing (You had me at “stop-motion”, but do go on.)

The truth of it is that the movie is over-long at 90 minutes. I think if you trimmed 20-30%, you might have a pretty great little picture. But as it is, its charms also come with its slowness.

But I also quite liked this nonetheless. It’s got quirks on top of its quirks and a pretty fun character.

And a stop-motion tentacle vagina monster.

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