Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

 Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) movie poster

director Julien Temple
viewed: 03/18/2018

Earth Girls Are Easy is definitely in the running for “The Most 80’s Movie Ever”. I say that, but I also think that about a lot of 80’s movies. Still…

Adapted from a song on Julie Brown’s 1984 EP “Goddess in Progress”, Earth Girls Are Easy feels a bit more early 80’s than late 80’s. By 1988, things were a lot less day-glo and new wave. But still, it works.

Geena Davis shows more skin here than anywhere? She spends a significant amount of time in a very becoming bikini, revealing all 6’0″ of herself. This is a much more sexualized role than I can recall for her anywhere else.

She’s wearing that bikini when an alien ship lands in her swimming pool. A pre-In Living Color Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey goof hardcore with a more subdued Jeff Goldberg. Jeff may have had a nice physique but I’ve never considered him the dreamboat he’s made out to be.

Julie Brown’s musical numbers wonk out this broad and bright comedy. I think it’s kind of funny that the credits state “Introducing Julie Brown” in 1988, since the record was from four years earlier and some of us with clear eyes and memories recall seeing her topless in 1981’s Bloody Birthday.

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