Slaughterhouse (1987)

Slaughterhouse (1987) VHS cover

director Rick Roessler
viewed: 03/19/2018

Slaughterhouse opens with credits rolling drolly over scenes from an actual pig abattoir, set jauntily to music that casts an ironic pose to the scenes of real-life animal death. It’s a little flash of “mondo”, showing documentary death to pepper all the facsimile deaths to follow. The music suggests both irony and dark humor to come.

And Slaughterhouse delivers that. It’s a late era slasher that feels slightly outside of the genre. It’s a revenge film where we know who is doing what to whom throughout. The Bacon family slaughterhouse was run out of business by more mechanized killing factories and when the sheriff and attorney show up to foreclose, well, what’s a psychopath to do but start killing?

And kill whoever trespasses against you in any way shape or form.

Though it gets a little torture porn-y at the end, I thought Slaughterhouse was a interesting and worthwhile piece of horror. I guess when you’re in California, you don’t necessarily qualify as “regional horror” but it seems this little indie almost could qualify.

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