Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

director J.R. Bookwalter
viewed: 03/23/2018

Jeff, who lives at home, is a repressed vampire who’s into The Evil Dead and Creepshow  but has so many issues with his identity. It doesn’t help that he has an overbearing mom, a vampire queen, now middle-aged battleaxe given to constantly berating her disappointment of a son.

Kingdom of the Vampire is SOV angst from J.R. Bookwalter, who only a couple years earlier delivered the delightful The Dead Next Door. That film was shot on film, Super-8 to be exact. in 1991, video was what video was, technically and aesthetically, and though I’ve developed an appreciation for the form and format, I’m still more a film guy at heart.

Matthew Jason Walsh stars as the angsty young vampire so at odds with the desires of his mom (Cherie Patry). The outcome is an oddly moving if overwrought psychodrama mixed with more traditional vampire horror elements.

Oh, the angst ! Oh, that pink outfit!

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