The Vicious Sweet (1997)

The Vicious Sweet (1997)

director Ron Bonk
viewed: 03/24/2018

While it seems that most movies shot on video in the 20th century were relative genre fare, Ron Bonk’s 1997 The Vicious Sweet is a more high concept SOV psychodrama horror.

It’s a little meta from the get-go, opening on a film within a film, a more typically cheesy horror flick, played for its inherent clichés and lack of imagination. When we pull back to the audience at the screening, we meet star Tyler Phenix (Sasha Graham), who is having a hard time taking the proceedings seriously and who is coming to a life crisis.

Phenix finds herself kidnapped and held prisoner by a man in many masks, who seems to know all about her childhood, her porn career, her true hidden psyche and who unleashes wave after wave of reminiscence as a form of shock therapy.

It’s also weirdly patriarchal that this all-knowing creep, who may or may not be a figment of Phenix’s imagination is a dude.

Graham is the best thing about the film, though the concept itself is pretty interesting. Visually, the film is hampered by the cheap video editing and effects.

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