Totem (1999)

Totem (1999)

director  David DeCoteau
viewed: 03/28/2018

Let’s just stop with all the Evil Dead comparisons. Totem is total crap on its own terms. A cabin in the woods does not an Evil Dead reference make.

Six young people find themselves magically ported to a cabin in the woods from which they cannot escape. After each getting unnecessary expository character background, they discover a nearby cemetery and a large totem statue and start dying.

The creature designs may be cheap but are at least cute. As much as I like stop-motion animation effects, I’m not sure puppetry compares in any way. Especially when the strings are so visible.

David DeCocteau is still a mystery to me. After watching A Talking Cat!?!, I felt compelled to see some other of his 130+ filmography. After watching Totem, it’s hard to imagine that he’s ever watched his own films, because if he did, he’d probably be reassessing his life.

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