Torture Dungeon (1970)

Torture Dungeon (1970) movie poster

director Andy Milligan
viewed: 03/30/2018

Among Andy Milligan’s many claims to fame (or infamy), add to it that he made a Sweded version of Game of Thrones decades before Game of Thrones or “Sweding” was even a thing.

Torture Dungeon is the first Milligan flick I’ve seen since reading Jimmy McDonough’s biography of him, The Ghastly One, which by the bye, was brilliant. And though it seems now that every successive Andy Milligan picture I see becomes my new favorite, I agree with McDonough that Torture Dungeon is perhaps the most fun.

The costumes, the camp, the joyous and miserable sleaze, the character names, misanthropy and cheap gore. And Milligan himself! Though not onscreen, Milligan is everywhere in his movies. You can almost feel him shooting the footage, hear him breathing life into his dramas of discontent.

It’s tragic that most of his earlier pure Exploitation films are lost because they sound AMAZING!! I still have several more to seek out, but I’m already eager to revisit the first movies of his I’ve seen.

Torture Dungeon is a total lark.

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