Demon Witch Child (1975)

Demon Witch Child (1975) movie poster

director Amando de Ossorio
viewed: 04/25/2018

“What the devil’s going on?”

In the Seventies, we were taught not to take candy from strangers and that there might be razor blades in apples and all but not to beware of gypsies bearing gifts, like demonic totems and necklaces. It’s pretty funny how right after accepting this totem, little Anne (Lone Fleming) instantly turns into The Bad Seed with a foul mouth.

Amando de Ossorio‘s witchy take on The Exorcist, Demon Witch Child, is a gnarly and loopy knock-off. Which I definitely enjoyed.

Its charms are a mixture of things, like the super clunky dub, the rather good makeup when Anne becomes the witch, the weird subplot about the priest and the prostitute, and literal emasculation by a possessed little girl.

Wonky fun.

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