One Dark Night (1983)

One Dark Night (1983) movie poster

director Tom McLaughlin
viewed: 05/20/2018

“Let’s book up!”

Yeah, Meg Tilly. Totally cute. And yay Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily, who I think of from Valley Girl more so than Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Here as one of the less convincing girl gangs on film who do however sport nice purple satin jackets. And yes, an underutilized Adam West, but Adam West no less.

One Dark Night is pretty entertaining stuff, despite not quite achieving heights of horror or kitsch. The shots of the Santa Monica pier’s sweet arcade is also pretty cool.

I’m going to end this write-up simply with a list of hyperlinked keywords in the Wikipedia plot description. Russian. Occultist. Psychic. Vampire. Telekinesis. Bioenergy. Audiotape. Mausoleum. Chapel. Cadavers. Compact.


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