Friend Request (2013)

Friend Request (2013) movie poster

directors Mario DeAngelis, Jason Falasco
viewed: 05/26/2018

After watching Ingrid Goes West, I figured I was up for a social media horror double feature.

This is not your friends’ Friend Request but a 2013 thriller starring and produced by Michael Anthony Hall. Hall is a besotted detective looking like Steve Bannon’s younger brother, attached to a case of serial torture with a new young female partner he of course hates.

It’s charmingly no budget, with production values maybe only one solid notch above Neil Breen or David DeCocteau. I guess I wasn’t the only one to notice the Shutterstock watermark go by twice on that one clip.

It’s sort of Seven meets social media, but from hunger.

Hall manages to keep it entertaining, especially if you like low budget schlock. Amusingly bad.

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