Night School (1981)

Night School (1981) movie poster

director  Ken Hughes
viewed: 06/06/2018

Night School is a  1981 slasher that plays more like an American giallo. Shot in Boston, the film makes great use of the city, a pretty, but gritty place that I wonder if it’s still recognizable today.

The script by Ruth Avergon highlights a classic trope of toxic masculinity, the lecherous professor who sleeps with all of his female students. Drew Snyder is quite the Frasier Crane type (they could be brothers), and he’s got girls from his school showing up around Boston with their heads all chopped off, and oddly enough left in water.

Leonard Mann is the cop on this case. With Joseph R. Sicari as his Armenian, wise-cracking underling. A very gorgeous Rachel Ward is the professor’s main squeeze.

The killer is a motorcycle-riding figure in all black, with some pretty creative means of decapitation with a fancy Nepalese knife.

There’s a lot to like here. At least for me.

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