Doppelgänger (1993)

Doppelgänger (1993) movie poster

director Avi Nesher
viewed: 06/09/2018

Drew Barrymore published an autobiography in 1991 at age 16, Little Girl Lost. Her transition into adulthood and into acceptance as an adult actress pitched her career by playing bad girls, or girls with a dark side. From Poison Ivy and Gun Crazy in 1992 to The Amy Fisher Story and Doppelgänger in 1993, her redemption trip in pulpy movies was complete.

It’s a little sad that it didn’t last longer, but I’ve always been happy that she was able to make it in Hollywood after a troubled childhood.

Doppelgänger may not be the best of this period, but it’s probably the weirdest. It’s a low budget thriller about a gal (Barrymore) with multiple personalities, one of which is evil.

But then there is the ending, where the whole thing goes off the rails and becomes a bizarre horror film with some intense and creative creature effects that may have made more of an impression than Barrymore herself.

I have a soft spot for this brief period of dark material, though Barrymore is much better suited to her eventual sweet spot of an actress in light romantic comedies.

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