Barbarian Queen (1985)

Barbarian Queen (1985) movie poster

director Héctor Olivera
viewed: 06/10/2018

“Barbarian Queen
Now we’re sharing the same dream
Boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs”

Way more entertaining than you’d imagine, Barbarian Queen is most notable for its star, Lana Clarkson, and sadly that is due to the fact of her murder in 2003 at age 40 by Phil Spector. 

And that’s a shame. Clarkson isn’t necessarily star material but she does have that je ne sais quoi. She’s tall (6’0″), gorgeous,  as well as very spry and athletic in her fight scenes (Wikipedia says she did all her own stunts.)

This 70 minute action/adventure fantasy Exploitation flick may be her best cinematic legacy. I speculate.

Those 70 minutes are pretty packed with fights and rapes and boobs and blood and killing. Barbarian Queen would have made a good time at the drive-in in 1985.

Probably the most notable scene is when Amathea (Clarkson) is tortured. She kegels clamps her rapist torturer’s penis until he submits to releasing her. Impressive.

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