Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968)

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968) movie poster

director  Adrian Hoven
viewed: 06/22/2018

Im Schloß der blutigen Begierde is the original German for In the Castle of Bloody Desire, seen by yours truly as Castle of the Creeping Flesh.

By any name, it’s swinging Sixties goes Gothic action.

Actually, that’s how I took it based on the costuming. At the outset, a group of couples are partying it up in what seems to be present day. The decide to go check out an old castle on horseback, inspired by rumors and legends. In meeting up with the castle and mad scientist, costumes are changed and Gothic age is not merely invoked but inhabited.

It comes as little surprise to hear that Jesús Franco worked uncredited on the script, because Janine Reynaud, Howard Vernon, Michel Lemoine all appear in Franco’s Succubus of the same year. All of whom would work with Franco a good deal.

It could almost be interesting, really, with some weirdness about the revisiting of the past, the strange wax museum staging of the notorious rape scene, the reenactment of the rape, the eventual revitalization of the long dead daughter. There is a sleaziness underlying it all. 

“There’s nothing as interesting as death, young man.”

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